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House Training Your Rhodesian Ridgeback

House training puppies is the most important task to be followed right after the accomplishment of dog adoption process. Among other methods to train dogs, how to train a puppy not to bite is the major one. Training a puppy not to bite is a very important factor which cannot be overlooked at all. Overlooking this matter will spoil your dog’s behavior forever.

No one wants his pet to be counted among wild dogs. A dog who bites is often counted among the wild dogs and can be termed as a dangerous canine. Thus, proper training is very much necessary to protect your puppy. To help dog lovers in this field, some effective tips are as follows:

- Discourage their habit of chewing and biting.
- Scold your puppy every time he tries to bite.
- Give him a tight scolding consistently, does not matter how hard or softly he bites.
- This technique will not only force him to leave his habit, but also reduce his dominant behavior. He will learn to follow your command.

The other training to be given is for potty. Some tips for potty training are:

- Fix a particular place for their relieving.
- Instruct your little poodle to go to the same place every time he needs to fresh himself.
- Fix your dog’s feeding habits. Don’t make him over eat or eat too much before sleeping.
- No traces of last potty should be left. You may also use deodorizer.

And have some patience. He is just a small puppy after all. Give him sometime at least to learn the way to go to do his business without annoying you. is not associated with the American Kennel Club® | Home | Find A Breeder | Privacy | Terms | Contact