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What’s a Buffy Coat?

No, it has nothing to do with your vet’s jacket! It’s concentrated white blood cells that make it easier for him/her to find abnormal cells, such as lymphoma, mast cells, leukemic cancer cells, or cells with parasites, in your RR’s blood. Special stains can be used on the buffy coat to help diagnose distemper.

While a blood test that includes a buffy coat can help your vet con- firm a problem in your dog, the buffy coat alone cannot provide specific answers. For instance, if your vet doesn’t find abnormal cells in a buffy coat it doesn’t guarantee that your RR is cancer/disease free.

Think of the buffy coat as an- other tool your vet can use to help confirm information from other tests and ensure an accurate diagnosis. And that means your ridgeback can get the most effective treatment for his condition, as quickly as possible. is not associated with the American Kennel Club® | Home | Find A Breeder | Privacy | Terms | Contact