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Rhodesian Ridgeback Price

Many people who consider buying a dog always wonder how much they are going to cost and this is the same when it comes to the Ridgeback breed. To be honest you can basically find them in a variety of different prices if you do not really know too much when it comes to purchasing dogs. The reason as to why the price of Rhodesian Ridgebacks varies depends on a variety of different things. This article will explain exactly what is meant by this.

When Ridgebacks are about 8 weeks old they usually cost around $500-1500 however if you want to pick the one you want specifically from the liter you can look to spend nothing under $2000. Not to mention the fact that if you want a puppy from one of the breeders that have a good reputation and are known for making sure the puppies have the health checks that they need you are looking to spend about $800-$1500. So, basically to get a puppy that is what you would want around your family you can expect to spend at least $800 up to $2000. Obviously, prices are going to vary based on what area you are purchasing the puppy from but it is safe to say that $800 is a starting price. Factors that determine the price of the puppy include, but are not limited to, veterinary bills, dog food, housing, licensing, and any other dog related expenses they have occurred. Additionally, the breeder may have had to pay a stud fee, take the dog to the stud’s place, pay for artificial insemination, and feed all of the puppies that the mother dog had. Furthermore, the mother of the puppy is going to have to have health checks as well to insure that she is healthy enough to have puppies and usually Ridgebacks have to have their DNA tested as well to insure that they do not have a deaf gene.

Another factor that is important when it comes to determining Rhodesian Ridgeback Price is whether or not the dogs have a good reputation. For example, if the mother and father of the puppy you are planning to purchase were show dogs that have won numerous awards you can expect to have to spend more on their puppies than you would the average Jane and Joe dogs that no one has ever heard about. Also, it is good to make sure that the mother and father of the puppies has been screen for all of the genetic problems that are common in this breed such as hip dysplasia, dermoid sinuses, allergies, and heart problems. If you purchase your puppy from someone who has award winning Ridgebacks you can be confident knowing that they have been screened however if you go to someone who does not have any award winning dogs you cannot be so sure that your puppy will not have problems when they reach the ages between four months and a year old.

If someone is a reputable breeder and you find out that you have purchased a puppy with medical issues usually they are able to work something out with you such as replacing the puppy or refunding some of your money. However, if you go to any old breeder you are basically stuck with the puppy no matter what medical issues they may have. So, the best thing to do to avoid having any complications down the line is to ask what would happen down the road – say four months to a year – if the puppy does have one of the genetic problems that are common among the Ridgeback breed. If the breeder tells you they will not be willing to replace the puppy or refund some of your money you need to run away as fast as possible because that will more than likely only lead you to having to spend tons of money on veterinary bills because more than likely they have not performed any of the checkups that need to be done on the puppies parents or the puppy itself.

Lastly, when decided who to purchase your new puppy from it is good to go for puppies from litters that have at least one of the parents classified as a champion and the record to prove it. You will be able to find this information out on the blue slip that the breeder will provide to you. However, that is only one of the things that you will want to look out for. Additionally, you will want to make sure that the litter has been AKC registered and have an OFA number. OFA numbers insure that the puppies are free of hip dysplasia. However, the puppy will have to be at least twenty four months before they will be able to be certified. But, when you are first purchasing them you will be able to see whether or not the parents have a number or not. Usually, good breeders are going to be bragging about these numbers so you will not even have to question them about it. Furthermore, you can expect for the breeder to want to know a lot of questions about both you as well as your living situation because any good breeder is more concerned about the safety of the safety and well-being of their puppies than they are about the money that they will be receiving in return. So, the best way to insure that the situation is beneficial to both you and the puppy is for the breeder to make sure that you and the puppy have matching personalities.

When purchasing a Ridgeback you should be aware that the Rhodesian Ridgeback Price that you are going to pay for the puppy is nothing compared to what you are going to spend throughout their lifetime. However, for the record you will not have to spend any unnecessary money on veterinary bills. is not associated with the American Kennel Club® | Home | Find A Breeder | Privacy | Terms | Contact